Back to blonde – My Hair Lightening Experience

Back to blonde – My Hair Lightening Experience

Over the last ten years, I’ve gone through many phases of wanting to change my hair.  I was always blonde and then in college I deciding to start experimenting with brown hair. Honestly, I love my hair brown, but unfortunately my hair doesn’t prefer that. Over the past few years I’ve always gone to name brand salons and when I decided to take my hair from its natural color to brown a year ago, I went to one of those salons.  

The first color looked amazing after it was done… for about a week. My color faded so quickly and so I called the salon to ask about it. Long story short, they said better luck next time.  Obviously, I chose a different salon the next time, but it was still that same name brand. I loved this girl and my hair looked fantastic, but when I called for my next appointment, she had moved to another salon and they refused to give me her information. Ok, time for a new salon AGAIN! The last stylist I used to keep up my brown hair made a huge mess of a problem. She told me my hair was three different shades of brown and she needed to color my hair in three separate sections. Not only did this become an expensive process, but here was the result. (Note this photo was taken about 3 months after my last color appointment)

In December, my sister-in-law and sister both agreed they like me better as a blonde. At first, I was against the idea, but the more I pondered it, the more it sounded like a good idea. However, I was scared. That was such a big change and I was really stressed about it looking terrible. I was also really stressed about my hair thinning out because last time I took my hair from brown to blonde, they stripped the color and it ended up feeling really thin afterwards.

As I began my process of searching for a new salon, I ended up finding Kellie & Company. Being big into social media myself, I loved that they had a Facebook and Instagram account showcasing their work. Also, as someone who is not a phone talker, I was able to text with the owner to make my appointment. She asked me what I was looking for and asked me for pictures of my current hair and my goals so she could schedule me for the right amount of time with the right person.

Walking into Kellie & Company made me feel at home. It reminded me of the salon I went to as a teenager and I instantly felt more comfortable.  My stylist was Emily Kowalk. She was already informed of what I wanted to do, but spent a lot of time talking and educating me on the healthiest way to get my hair blonde.  She really wanted to make sure we were on the same page and that I would leave happy. And of course, she wanted to make sure I knew that to have the healthiest hair possible, this would take at least two appointments. Her knowledge and explanations made me feel so much more comfortable with my hair in her hands!

The whole process took almost 10 hours over two appointments. With a process that long, it was also nice that Emily has such a great personality. We told each other all about our lives and it made the time go by a lot faster. She was also really patient when I decided between the two appointments that I wanted to go lighter than we initially discussed! Emily and the owner, Breanne, also spent time helping me pick out a hair extension color and after my hair was back to blonde, Emily clipped in my new extensions and blended them.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how my hair turned out. The whole process was something I wanted to get completed before my very first photoshoot, so here’s a few awesome photos of how it all turned out!

“My Head Says Gym But My Heart Says Pizza” Tee from Poppy and Dot

Just Be Nice Tee from Mindy Mae’s Market

Photos by Raw Modern



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