NYC Trip – Catch Flights Not Feelings

NYC Trip – Catch Flights Not Feelings

This year I caught the travel bug. It all started when I got my new job in December. I was just coming off a job where I only had 5 vacation days, and now I had quite a few more. At my previous job, I also always worked on my days off and weekends, and now I work for a team where we cover each other’s work when we go on vacations. And to top it all off, my family went to Hawaii in March and after that all I wanted to do is travel and the first thing on my mind was NYC. 

Just a few weeks after I got back from Hawaii I decided to schedule a trip to NYC. My brother, sister in law, niece, and nephew live there so while it’s the perfect vacation spot, it’s very affordable on my budget. Plus, I love spending time with my niece (not that I play favorites or anything)!

My biggest goal for this NYC trip was to eat at all the delicious treats they have to offer! The newest trend is DO, Cookie Dough Confections. I began seeing it on Facebook and it was taking off quickly. It popped up on my newsfeed often and was a constant reminder of how much I wanted to go to NYC.

The experience: I had no idea what to expect for the wait time. I’d seen indications it could be anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours. We were fortunate to wait in line less than 30 minutes. The shop was adorable, although there were a lot of people so it was hard to truly take in the experience. The cookie dough was delicious and I loved how it doesn’t melt like ice cream. We were able to walk to the nearby park to snap some photos and my cookie dough still looked perfect.

Here are just a few other delicious things I tried in NYC.

I mentioned to my sister in law that maybe next time I come to NYC we will do a completely healthy trip and only go to juice bars, salad places, and gluten free vegan bakeries. I’m hoping to go back again next spring!

My next trip was to Chicago which is where my parents live. Mostly we just hung out at home by the pool and enjoyed peaceful, relaxing days. Except on one of the days my dad got us tickets to the Cubs game at Wrigley Field. It was fun, but I’m not itching to get to another game anytime soon (or ever).

I’ll be winding down my summer with a quick trip to San Francisco. I’ve never been there before and I’m so excited to see the Golden Gate Bridge and ride a trolley. I literally have no idea what else there is in San Fran!

The end of the year will just be holidays with the family in Chicago. I’m started to think about what possibilities are out there and what I should plan for next year. I would love to spend some time in Washington D.C. and I wouldn’t be mad if I could take a trip to Disney World. I’m also thinking long term and would love to make it to Europe in the next five years!!

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