What’s The Point – Thoughts on Life

What’s The Point – Thoughts on Life

I often find myself asking what’s the point? Why did I need to become friends with that person only to have it fall apart a few months later? What was the point of dating that guy only to have it end up in another heartbreak? Why did I go to college if I only make a dollar more an hour than I did with my first full time job? Why did I have to find that job and go through that miserable experience?

There are so many whys and what’s the point in life.  I’ve gone through so many experiences with jobs, friends, and boys that I often wonder if it’s even worth making an effort. But here I am, still working hard at building a career, still making losing and making new friends, and still dating (sometimes)!

Writing this blog has been on my mind for some time now. I am now in my late twenties and I spend way too much time thinking about the past and what got me to where I am today. When I look back, I realize situations that seemed impossible at the time are now some of the best learning experiences. Jobs that I suffered through on a daily basis helped build my resume to advance me in my career. Friends that I haven’t spoken to in years have left some of the most important lessons and also memories of some pretty amazing days. And boyfriends… so many ups and downs, mistakes, perfect dates, crushes, loves and everything in between. Every one of those situations has turned me into the person I am today.

So who am I? And what’s the point of all these experiences? I am just a girl trying to get through life the best I can. I am also a lover of quotes! So to describes myself I will use the words of Hannah Montana!

I’m just an ordinary girl!

Sometimes I’m lazy

I get bored

I get scared

I feel ignored

I feel happy, I get silly

I choke on my own words

I make wishes, I have Dreams

And I still want to believe

Anything can happen in this world,

For an ordinary girl

(Like you, Like me)

For an ordinary girl

(Like you, Like me)

what's the point

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