I Was Married When I Had My First Kiss

I Was Married When I Had My First Kiss

As every high school girl does, I dreamed of getting asked to Prom and getting my first kiss. I never imagined it happening on the same night though. But it did and for me, it was a magical experience.

His name was Justin. I’m not sure I knew he had a crush on me before he asked me to prom. Honestly, I don’t remember my thoughts of him at all.  However, I do remember walking out of school my junior year and seeing my car wrapped in saran wrap.  At first, I thought it was a prank. As I got closer to the car I saw a note saying “I’m all wrapped up in you, will you go to prom with me?” Feelings of shocked and excitement overwhelmed me. I never thought I would get asked to Prom that year and I jumped at the chance to go.

We had a really good time that evening. Doubling with one of my good friends and her boyfriend, we went to dinner beforehand and then danced away the night. Although that was all amazing, the real fun is after prom. The high school Justin went to always put on an elaborate after prom full of excitement. It was a different theme and activities every year by the one thing that remained the same was marriages for the night.

Justin suggested we do the mock marriage first and I agreed. We waited in line and got to the point where we were all dressed up in our 70s look. Then it was our turn for our marriage ceremony.  I don’t really remember what was said, something lame about being married for after prom I’m sure, but when we were pronounced “husband and wife” Justin leaned in and kissed me!

Everyone in line cheered! I was excited but also kind of embarrassed. This was my first kiss and it was just witnessed by probably 50 people! Fortunately, the excitement of waiting for my first kiss overtook any awkward feelings I had of being on display. I had waited for my first kiss for what seemed like a long time and it was perfect. I wanted it to happen again but I would have to wait hours before the next time he wanted to kiss me.

After prom continued with fun, games and friends. We exhausted the night and then decided to go back to Justin’s to watch a movie. Before we started the movie was when the second kiss came. We were down in his basement and he was showing me some of his instruments and he pulled me onto his knee and kissed me. This time it was long!  After that, we watched the movie before he took me home in the wee hours of the morning. The last kiss of the night came when he walked me to my door! I slept so happy that day!

Things with Justin deteriorated quickly.  He would be my first lesson in relationships not working out. I was pretty upset because I thought I was getting my first boyfriend. We had some sweet moments during that time. We both took spring break trips and sent postcards to each other. We went on a date and had an enjoyable evening. We talked online for hours.

Looking back, I really don’t think I was ever that into him as more the idea of him. He was a cute guitar player and listening to him play made me melt.  Even though it ended and I was bitter, it was the best first kiss experience I could have asked for and it lead me to much bigger and better things

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