Microblading – Getting #eyebrowsonfleek

Microblading – Getting #eyebrowsonfleek

When I first was introduced to microblading, my immediate reaction was no way! I’ve never been eyebrow obsessed. I’ve never even used an eyebrow pencil. But as I thought about it a little more, did some online research, and chatted with anyone I could find who knew anything about it, I decided to give it a try.

Brinn, from Elegant Eyes, was amazing through the whole process. Prior to my appointment she sent me all the relevant information and was willing to answer any questions I had. When I showed up for my appointment, she explained everything to me and made me feel so comfortable. She was so easy to talk to and made the time fly by.

The process was fairly straight forward. We discussed what I wanted my eyebrows to look like and then she gave me some color options. She made sure I was nice and numb so I only felt slight discomfort, but it was never painful. She drew lines all over my forehead to make sure the eyebrows were even and perfect! And then she did the microblading. The nervousness I had had up until the appointment disappeared quickly and turned into excitement.

After Brinn was done with her work, I got to take a look. Wow, my eyebrows were dark! This was something I read about and she told me about, but it’s not something you can fully comprehend until you see them. Even though they were dark, they look amazing. I loved how symmetrical and defined they were. I immediately realized I would now be an eyebrow obsessed girl and I’m totally fine with it.












The hardest part of the whole experience is recovery. I did have a minor headache the first couple days, but it was easily calmed down with some Aleve. I would move my eyebrows around and they felt tight and strange, but not uncomfortable. And then of course there was the no getting them wet. This is was the part I dreaded the most about the process as I love long hot showers. I only washed my hair twice during the first eight days because keeping them dry was just too big of feat. Otherwise, I used a shower cap to cover my eyebrows and only washed the bottom half of my face. And makeup removing wipes became my best friends.

After the first few days my eyebrows started to scab and flake off. I’ll be honest, they didn’t look great. The scabs were white and everywhere. I would look down at my computer and see flakes all over them. And it was so hard to not constantly pick at them. Fortunately, the worst of it only last a few days. Now my eyebrows are back to normal, just shaped better!

I will go back for a touch up in a few weeks. I can definitely see the importance of this because there are places where the microblading didn’t stick. I’m really excited to get my touch up and even more excited to have #eyebrowsonfleek everyday.

All in all, I’m so happy I did this. I wish I had cared about my eyebrows more over the years because I’m realizing have them a little darker and shaped can make all the difference. I’m officially an eyebrow obsessed girl and I’m not even mad!

If you want your own set of perfect eyebrows, reach out the Brinn at Elegant Eyes. You can email her at eleganteyesbybrinn@gmail.com or you can find her in Instagram @_elegant_eyes. And if you schedule with her before 6/17, you get $100 off when you mention me!


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