My Christmas Letter 2016 – A Year in the Life

My Christmas Letter 2016 – A Year in the Life

Hi, and welcome to my 2nd annual Christmas letter. My letter was so well received last year that I couldn’t imagine not filling you in on all the juicy details of my 2016. Plus, I even included not one, but two amazing Christmas cards for you to enjoy! Please feel free to keep multiple versions of my face posted on your fridge all year.

The early part of 2016 was extremely uneventful; so let’s just skip ahead to the good stuff. When I started writing this letter in my head a few weeks ago, I was going to talk about what I thought to be my biggest accomplishment this year, not moving and only having one job. Unfortunately (or also fortunately), I’m starting a new job in the middle of December, right before Christmas. I’ve never been good at staying put, but at least I can still say I’ve only lived in one place. As for my new job, I’m just getting a head start on those New Year’s Resolutions, so A+ work for me.

My parents decided to move to Chicago earlier this year for my Dad’s job, so I was finally able to visit a new city that I never actually dreamed of visiting. My first trip in May was filled with house hunting for my parents, but we did manage to make it to the city for a quick trip. We took the architecture boat tour which goes right through the city. I learned all about how some cow destroyed Chicago back in 1871, which meant the whole city had to be rebuilt. Just another life lesson on why I’ll never truly be an animal person.  While the boat tour is still my favorite thing I’ve done in Chicago, I also made it there for Thanksgiving and was able to visit The Bean. Seeing that my life revolves around social media, I felt it was important to visit a site with a strong hashtag. Hope you saw my post on Instagram!

My brother had this crazy idea a couple years ago to start running marathons. In November, he qualified for the NYC Marathon and we all came out to support him. Sure, he ran 26.2 miles, but we walked, hopped Subways and cheered him on in five different spots, so really who did all the work? (Go Jon, go. You rocked that marathon). While in NYC I was also able to visit the One World Trade, which felt distinctly like being shuffled around at Disney World. The views were great, but the crowds were tough. Also, the sun wasn’t cooperating and made it difficult for perfect Instagram images. Basically, the trip was filled with first world problems. Two other notes were my sisters and I did an ice cream crawl where we discovered how incredible rolled ice cream is (seriously still dream about it) and we took my 5-year-old niece to her first Broadway show, Aladdin. Her face throughout the show was priceless, though I’m sure the tickets were overpriced.

I tried to take Tinder seriously for a while… well I mean however seriously you can take Tinder. I met a few decent guys, but there’s always going to be that one who just ruins it for all the others. This guy had obvious issues from the beginning. I won’t go into the details, but he basically thought after hanging out three times that he knew me and could fix all my issues. I on the other hand wasn’t too interested and tried to let him down easy. This was his reply:

The only reply I wanted to send for this message was “*you’re,” but I refrained. Tinder guys keep the world interesting.

Now, I know this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Halloween. Obviously politics has been front and center this year. There a few things I would like to go ahead and thank Trump and Hilary for:

  1. Becoming more interested in politics. For the first time ever, I actually voted and had a strong opinion.
  2. The presidential debates. You know, I’m not big on reality TV shows, but when I turned on these debates, I got sucked in.
  3. And of course, the best Halloween costume! Being the reigning champion at work was a lot of pressure. We discussed possible costumes for months, but nothing ever felt right. When my coworker suggested Trump and Hilary, I said it just wasn’t good enough. So the idea to expand came about. Joining our award winning group: Melania Trump, Bill Clinton, & the Statue of Liberty. I feel privileged to win the award two years running and I’m proud to say my next years costume has already been decided, I will be invisible.

Unfortunately, for you, the time has come where I need to wrap this letter up. I know you are going to shed a few tears knowing you now have to wait a whole year to read my next letter, but I do ask, while you are bawling, please don’t cry on my pictures. We worked hard on those.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Xo, Elizabeth


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