New Girl: S6 E2 Hubbedy Bubby

New Girl had one pretty strong message tonight: VOTE. Just a day after the first presidential debate, New Girl decided to take a political stand and encourage its viewers to not only vote, but there was a pretty big emphasis on Hillary Clinton, supported heavily by Jess and Cece who are ready for a women to run the White House.

Schmidt however does not believe either candidate is suitable for president claiming democracy is dead and he is already focused on Paul Ryan 2020. Schmidt provides the best one liner of the series claiming he is not voting for the “flip flopping, helmet head in a pantsuit.”

Besides expressing no interest in voting for Trump, no one in the show provides any solid reasons why, which is probably a good idea because no one wants Trump attacking New Girl Rosie O’Donnel style.

The girls and Schmidt decide to have a little contest. Jess and Cece are required to register five new voters. If they succeed, Schmidt will vote for Clinton. If they fail, Jess and Cece have to vote for Winston. The episode covers the ladies repeatedly failing to interest voters and ending up a sorority house. Convinced they can get these young college girls to register, they get drunk with them and collect signatures, only to find out the girls provided fake info! Jess makes a moving speech which convinces the girls to register properly but unfortunately it turns out this sorority is made up of Trump supporters hoping to meet Ivanka. Oh well Jess, you tried.

Meanwhile, to add a little random humor to the show, Winston teaches Nick how to have phone sex. The plans backfire when Nick accidentally dials Aly, Winston’s girlfriend, and shows off his stuff, opps! Don’t worry, Winston provides a moving speech and Nick figures it out.

As far as humor and one liners go, this episode was lacking. I typically look to New Girl for comic relief away from the world, but unfortunately they decided to slam politics and especially Hillary down our throats. Here’s to hoping next week will have a more typical feel away from what’s actually going on in this crazy world.

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