New Year Resolutions – How Are They Going?

New Year Resolutions – How Are They Going?

We are well into the New Year now and it’s around the time New Year resolutions start to drop off. This year, as I always do, I made some fitness and nutrition goals. I can’t remember how many times I’ve failed at these goals so I decided this year to have one ultimate goal. This year when I want to quit, or eat something unhealthy and such, I decided to just allow it for that day. Then tomorrow is a new day and it’s back to my goals. This has worked really well for me, especially with working out. However, as I’ve gone through these last five or six weeks, here are some thoughts that popped into my head…

  1. Why are there so many people at the gym?? Seriously, everyone makes fitness goals in January and sometimes just getting a piece of equipment to work with is a challenge. Last Monday I wanted to work out and EVERY treadmill, elliptical, stair stepper and whatever else they have was taken.
  2. Why is it so dang cold outside?? Ok, so starting a workout routine in January sucks. It’s cold and snowy and dark. Forget working out in the morning, the roads are way to icy. Forget working out outside, it’s way too cold. And by the time you get home at night, all I wanted to do was curl up with a blanket!
  3. Why are fruit and vegetables so expensive??? January is the worst month for nutrition goals. It’s like $5 for 20 blueberries. I think nutrition goals should start in June, when fruit is delicious and affordable.
  4. Why am I so hungry ALL THE TIME??? I choose to follow the Whole30 for January. Basically you eat whole foods for 30 days. One of the biggest problems I experienced was never feeling full. This is a common adjustment for you body, but to top if off with increasing exercise routines I literally just felt hungry for weeks.
  5. Why can’t I just have some Starbucks hot chocolate?? It doesn’t fit in the Whole30 guidelines, but seriously, when it’s snowing and 15 degrees outside, all I wanted was a nice cup of peppermint hot chocolate… Also, I’m done with Whole30 now and still haven’t had any, so I don’t know what’s up with that.

There have been a lot of whys for me since January 1st, but for the most part it’s been worth it! I decided to reward myself for accomplishing my goals so I had a few shopping trips in January. New year, new me, new wardrobe… sounds about right.

One of the pieces I added to my wardrobe is the wood watch from Jord Watches. I picked the Frankie – Koa & Ash watch. There is something about having a wood watch that makes me feel really fancy, plus it goes with everything.Frankie - Koa & Ash

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Luxury Wooden Watch

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1 thought on “New Year Resolutions – How Are They Going?”

  • Not only are there so many people at the gym hogging the machine you want on, but they make nuisances of themselves by going through the circuit backwards so you’re set on a collision course. Or they stand in front of you giving you the evil eye until you’re intimidated enough to try something different, and then they track you down on your new machine with the evil eye treatment. Or if there’s one bike left in spinning class and you’re walking to it, someone sprints past you to claim it.

    I eventually gave up the gym deciding my horses and dogs kept me plenty active.

    As for the fruits and vegetables, I’ve been buying a lot more frozen in the past year. As you pointed out, they’re expensive, and even worse as a single sometimes I don’t eat the fresh stuff before it turns bad. Check out your frozen department.

    And I’m with you on the peppermint hot chocolate!

    And I’m totally with you on having ice cream for dinner!

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