The Stray is in Theaters Today

The Stray is in Theaters Today

I’ve wanted to see The Stray ever since the first trailer came out as I was intrigued by the story of a man who got struck by lightening and how they got out of the situation. The opportunity came for me to see the movie on Wednesday, and I jumped on it. I thought the movie would have some emotion, but I didn’t realize it would pull on my hearts strings as much as it did. Tears were definitely shed.

Prior to the movie, the family the movie is about spoke to us. I think that really helped me make a connection and made the The Stray even more powerful. They spoke about how this movie helped their family to process what happened and now they are a family full of film makers! They even had members of their family in the film.

I’m not much of a movie critic, I tend to like everything I watch, but I would definitely give The Stray a two thumbs up. This is a family friendly movie, so feel free to bring your kids. Also, be sure to bring some tissues, especially if you’re a dog lover.

The Stray takes you through the journey of the Davis family as they navigate becoming closer as a family. Pluto, The Wonder Dog shows up in their lives and changes everything for them. He’s friends with the oldest son, and the whole family feels protected with Pluto’s presence. The dad, who is originally disconnected from the family, decides to take his son and friends on a camping trip. This is where to adventure of them getting struck by lightening and having to make their way back home begins.

The journey of the Davis family and Pluto is in theaters starting today. I highly suggest taking the whole family to see The Stray, just don’t forget your tissues!


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